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  • Cooperation brand

    Company Profile

    Established in 2004, Gold Cable was focused on the manufacture of the cables, with more than 10 years of development, it has been one of the professional cables and accessories manufacturers in China. The factory located in Zhongshan City, and Shenzhen office was opened in 2014 as a marketing and developing center, We promise to the market with remarkable products and reasonable cost basing on the special OEM and ODM advantages like:
    One stop for Solutions on Audio Video cables
    We are running our own raw cable factory, cable assembly factory, hardware connector factory, and Blister packaging factory, the major parts for a retail cable product can be finished in house, and few outer cost added, it’s the reason for us to make much lower offer, timely delivery and good quality control.

    Perfect Management system
    We are running a good quality control system like ISO 9000:2008 and keeping it to be continued improved and developed, we are also the member of BSCI on our promise to the Society.




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